colorful woman casablanca

Your tour will be created to meet your interests in Street Art. A close look at Street Art can give you a greater understanding of the current cultural context of Moroccans. The tour presented here is only for information purposes and to give you an idea of what to expect. After we pick you up at your hotel, we will begin with the large wall near the gate Bab Marrakech, which displays several different murals. We will continue the tour by car to access many of the large murals throughout the city. An initial stop may be the area around the stadium where 4 or more murals are painted on the sides of the apartment buildings. You and your guide will discuss what you see and what the artist may be portraying. Along the sea, we will stop to take in a series of 5 giant murals of Moroccan women. If possible we will visit the offices of sbagnabagna, the Casablanca Street Art Festival organizers. Here you will learn about how the artists and sites are chosen.


The tour will be about 3 hours.


  • Private car
  • Guide and driver


If based in Casablanca:

  • 1 person $300
  • 2 persons $350
  • 3 persons $375

If based in Marrakech:

  • Surcharge of $25